Soundfreaq Sound Stack Unboxed

Time to let the beast out of the cage!

Unboxing the Soundfreaq Sound Stack

We won’t lie. We’re fans of products by Soundfreaq. We’ve always found their audio solutions to be elegant and exceptional when it comes to sound quality (given their good price range). That’s why we were so excited when we were contacted by the local distributor to test out Soundfreaq’s newest product: the Soundfreaq Sound Stack. Full review should come next week but we can already share with everyone the unboxing as well as our initial impressions.

As usual don’t forget to read the captions on the photos below!

The Box

Opening is easy! Just unfold the flaps at the top. Nothing fancy really. Packaging could use a little more "oompph".
The Sound Stack is covered for added protection and also to keep it clean. All the other stuff inside include: AC wires/cables and the remote control

Let’s let the beast out of the cage!

Meet the Soundfreaq Sound Stack

It's... big. Definitely not in the "portable" category. But man this thing packs a punch! Read more about sound quality in our full review next week.
Let's take a step back so you can see the full size. The entire box is the speaker system. The control panel at the front has the basic menus as well as a dock that can fit your iPhone or iPad
Close up shot of the controls. Very easy to use. Intuitive.
Here's what the back looks like. Subwoofer FTW.
Here's the remote control that comes with the unit.

Initial Impressions

What I like about the Sound Stack the most is that you can connect to it in a variety of ways and it produces pretty good sound. You can connect your mobile device via Bluetooth, Audio Jack (standard size), or via the dock if you’re using an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Controlling is also easy via the remote control or the free Android/iOS app that you can download.

We’ll be doing more testing this weekend. Expect the full review next week.

By the way there’s no price yet since this hasn’t officially hit the local market yet. It should be around Php14,000-Php17,000 though based on international SRP of $400 USD.

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