Spectacles Ain’t Dead: Snap Unveils Third-Generation Spectacles with Dual HD Cameras

You can shoot 3D footage with it

Snap’s connected sunglasses may be one of the most peculiar gadgets launched in recent years, but the company is not giving up on it. In fact, Snap unveiled the third-generation Spectacles, and they can now shoot 3D photos and videos with its dual HD cameras.

The 3D media produced by the spectacles can be viewed via the Snap app or using the bundled 3D Viewer—which basically works like Google Cardboard.

All photo and video content is stored in its 4GB on-board memory, which can save up to 100 videos or 1200 photos. Its internal battery is good for up to 70 videos or 200 photos and is juiced up via the USB-C port found in its carrying case. Files are transferred manually via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Since style is important with sunglasses, the Spectacles 3 is trendy with its circular lenses and lightweight steel frame.

The Spectacles 3 will cost you $380(~Php 19.9k) and is currently available for pre-order.


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