Spigen SGP Diary Case for the New iPad Review

Spigen SGP Diary Genuine Leather Case for the New iPad
Arguably one of the classiest cases ever made for the new iPad

Spigen SGP Diary Case for the New iPad

This is probably one of the most elegant and classiest cases you’ll ever find for your new iPad (iPad 2 or iPad 3). It’s made from genuine leather, comes in chestnut brown or black, and has a minimalist design and theme. This case is actually handmade with a single piece of quality leather and you won’t find any stitching or glue anywhere. It may not have all the fancy folding and magnetic smart cover feature but this case just screams luxury which makes it a good buy for professionals and executives. Read on for our review.


Spigen SGP Diary Case new iPad
Spigen SGP Diary Case new iPad packaging

The case comes in a printed carton box with a transparent plastic side to showcase the color and the make of the leather. Opening is easy, just pop the box open from the top and slide out the plastic compartment holding the case and the instruction card.

The Case

The moment you life the case out from the plastic compartment you’ll immediately know it’s made from quality leather. It just feels sleek and your fingers will effortlessly glide through the smooth exterior. If you open it up you’ll find the a more rougher leather lining which is there for better grip and protection.

Spigen SGP Diary Case for the New iPad Photo 2
Just align the iPad via the camera slot and press down on the adhesive jelly tape.
Cut-out for the camera of the iPad.
Magnetic snap-on enclosure to keep it closed.

You can use the front flap as a stand just in case you want to prop up the iPad for viewing or browsing. To do typing though you might have to slide something beneath it like a wallet or something so that it’s not flat on its back.

To get a better feel for the case, here’s a video we found on Youtube of a user unboxing it and reviewing it. Note that this isn’t a video by Unbox. This is just something we found online.

Pricing, Availability, and Verdict

The Spigen SGP Diary Case for the new iPad sells for Php3,690 in AppleWerkz stores (got mine in Katipunan branch).

As for our final recommendation… the case might not have all the bells and whistles of other smart cases but that’s not what this was really made for. This case is meant to make a statement more than anything else. If that’s what you’re after then this is definitely for you.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review and cool photos. Indeed this is a case that is executive class.

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