Spigen SGP GLASt Screen Protector Review

See the thin layer of glass on top of the actual screen of the Galaxy Note?

The best screen protector in the market today

If I were to describe the SGP GLASt Screen Protector I’d use the exact same words you just read above. It truly is best-in-class since it uses different technology that other manufacturers employ. Instead of the usual plastic screen protectors, the GLASt is made from chemically coated tempered glass. This thin layer of protection is like the “Captain America’s Shield” of screen protectors. Don’t believe me? Watch this quick video we made. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note with the SGP GLASt versus a Php1,000 steak knife.

As you can see the Samsung Galaxy Note (click for a review of the Note) is scratch free after the abuse with the knife.

One issue I’m seeing with the GLASt though is compatibility with all kinds of cases. As we see with most plastic screen protectors, if you use a tight-fit, phone-hugging case there’s a tendency for the protector to peel off. Since the GLASt is a little thicker than the plastic that will probably also happen here.

Pricing and Availability

GLASt is now in the Philippines via Applewerkz. I didn’t get the exact price but it should be in the Php2,600-Php2,700 range. It’s definitely pricey but this is the one and only screen protector you’ll ever need so I personally think it’s a good investment.

GLASt is available for the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4/4S (click for a review of the 4S). I heard that there’s a GLASt coming for the iPad soon. Will definitely pick that one up once it becomes available.

Carlo Ople

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