Spotify is Testing its First Hardware Product with “Car Thing”

Spotify wants to be more than just a software company

Spotify has made its mark as one of the top music streaming apps in the world. With its desire to go beyond being just an app, Spotify confirmed in a blog post that they are diversifying with the test drive of their upcoming hardware product called “Car Thing”.

As the name speaks for itself, the “Car Thing” is a device meant for cars. The small product—which connects via a car’s lighter socket and has a small circular screen—is voice-controlled and aims to help Spotify learn and understand in-car listening habits.

Currently, the “Car Thing” is available only to the US and to “a small group of invited Spotify Premium users.” While Spotify has no plans of making the product available to the public, the company will be doing more voice-specific tests in the future to improve user experience.


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