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Stand Out This Valentine’s Day With This Unique Gift

Flowers are the ubiquitous gift during Valentines, but if you’re looking for a unique twist on the old standby, you might want to check out Fleur de Ean. They’re a local company based out in Paranaque that sells preserved flowers in glass domes, flowers that are guaranteed to last at least two years with almost zero care. Aside from presenting them in a unique way, the base of the glass domes also function as a Bluetooth speaker.

The flower and base that Fleur de Ean sent us looked stunning. There have been similar products like this offered in the past, though those cheaper options utilized plastic flowers that looked, well plastic.

Since Fleur de Ean uses actual, premium flowers that are professionally preserved, the arrangement looks natural and elegant. The glass dome protects it from the elements though you can display it without it at your own peril. The base of the dome is made out of wood, with the speaker bits integrated in the bottom.

The speaker requires power, obviously which is provided via a USB cable. Audio quality from the speaker is good but it’s more than a novelty than anything else. Don’t expect Marshall-quality sound from the speaker is what we’re saying.

Fleur de Ean sells the musical glass dome for Php 6,200 – that’s a bit more than your usual Valentine’s day gift but then again it’s going to last quite a lot longer than the typical bouqet of flowers. Fleur de Ean also sells quite a few other preserved flowers under glass domes for less money which you can check out in their website, here.

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