Starmobile Launching New Products On Nov. 9

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What phones will they be releasing?

Starmobile has sent out invites for a press event on November 9. The company is slated to launch a new phone (or two), and based on the timing, we’re going to guess that this will be hero products for their holiday sales push. Starmobile has always had a more predictable launch cycle compared to its rivals, with the company concentrating on devices that concentrate more on the camera side of things, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the case here.

Anyway, we’ll be there on Nov. 9 to take a looksie at what the company has in store, so check back then to find out.


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    Hopefully these would be bang for the buck phones and not those overpriced pieces of crap.

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      same thoughts. baka mamaya same specs as asus zenfone selfie or laser, for example, but more expensive by 2-3K. starmobile is delusional when it comes to their phones, but here’s hoping that they have finally come to their senses, for their own sake.

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    parang ulefone be touch 2. feel ko may fingerprint sensor ‘to

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    Starmobile always thinks their phones are premium… Ihope they have learned from their mistake that overprcing your phones will ot givean impression of a good quality.. Like pricing knight x same as zenfone 2. Thier marketing strategy is a complete failure..

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    Let me guess, finger print scanner… sigh… Starmobile you shitty company.

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    ilabas ang mga patapon na overpriced na mga basura!

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    Sa laki pa lang ng bezel siguradong walang kwenta na ang phone. Teaser pa lang palpak na.

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    Bawas-bawasan ang Print/TV Ad budget at mag concentrate na lang sa Internet…A good product is a good product, if it’s a good product, it will sell…Word of Mouth ang mag a advertise diyan…no need to hire a Celebrity endorses, that sh#t doesn’t work anymore

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    anong future jan? tatawa nalang ako pag walang bago

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    waterproof, unibody, thin-bezel, premium cam, curved-glass, better digital tv, more color variants, long-lasting batt, competitive pricing… sana.

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