Starmobile Releases Results of DTV Signal Test in Manila


Here’s the best places to enjoy DTV

Starmobile has released their findings on digital TV signal strengths in Metro Manila. If you recall, Starmobile officially released their first ever digital TV capable Knight Vision phone a few weeks ago. The Knight Vision utilizes digital TV signals to give users crisp and clear TV signals that’s a sharp contrast over the previous analog technology.


The tests, which took place from April 10 to 19, were conducted inside Starmobile Kiosks and stores in 14 malls inside Metro Manila, obviously using the Knight Vision.


According to the tests, GMA 1SEG and GMA News TV have the best coverage presence in 10 out of the 14 locations.

They’re followed by ABS-CBN Sports, ABS-CBN, and ABS-CBN One Seg which is present in 9 locations.

In terms of signal quality (where signal is present), ABS-CBN Sports has the highest average signal strength with 3.9 bars out of a possible 4, followed by ABS-CBN and AKSYON TV both with an average of 3.8 bars each.

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