Starmobile To Start Aggressively Pricing Products in 2016


Will Starmobile’s products finally have lower prices?

If there’s a Filipino brand that places a premium on innovation over simply playing the price game, it’s Starmobile. Unfortunately, that also means higher prices for their devices compared to local brands.

That’s set to change – we’ve been hearing rumbles and rumors from some of the company’s dealers that change is a-coming, and the company is now going to start pricing their devices more aggressively this year.

Probably a hint of that new thinking is their recent Valentine’s sale, where they cut the price of their Knight Elite to just Php 6,490. If this continues, then we’ll see better priced Starmobile devices on the shelves before too long.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Well, this can’t be good. That means Starmobile will start releasing “patapon” units, unreliable devices and non after sales service, something Cherry Mobile is notorious for. Just saying.

    I did like their UP Max, SEVEN hours straight screen on time and good gaming performance even if it cost higher than a short lasting Cherry Mobile…

    1. Madami kasing reklamador sa mundo. Ang tingin nila sa local distributors ay walang karapatang magtaas ng presyo kahit may quality control ang mga products. Nakasnapdragon 615 na yung device gusto pang humirit ng 3k sa handset.

  2. I think what Starmobile needs to do is to study their market. They aren’t as aggressive in marketing their products as CM or even MyPhone. Which is too bad kasi maganda naman ang products ng Starmobile. If they market their products well, the wiser consumers will be enticed to buy their products kahit pa mas mahal yan sa other local brands. Sa totoo lang, mas mapapamahal ka pa sa murang Cherry Mobile na phone in the long run, given its record for its notorious after sales services and defect units. While Starmobile is sturdier and has some nice specs.

    Support local!

  3. Inuuna kasi nila ang Ads at endorsements…tsaka magbawas na lang ng employees at mag concentrate na lang sa online retailing

  4. Let’s Face The Inevitable…

    Nobody Really Buys Their
    Cellphones Anymore…


    Died : February 2016

  5. Ang hirap sa mga pinoy ang gusto magandang unit sa halagang palugi pero tingnan mo yang mga taong yan kapag nagbenta ng produktong gamit na nila price as brand new. Starmobile user ako at very satisfied ako sa produkto nila. Wife ko starmobile din. Kahit ang tablet ng anak ko ay starmobile din. Dun sa mga haters kung gusto nyo ng magandang unit mag apple kayo. Kung may reklamo pa kayo pokpok nyo na sa ulo nyo yung apple.

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