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Style Rings: Mobile Accessory That’s Taking the Country by Storm

So that's what these things are called
So that’s what these things are called

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Chances are you guys have at least one friend or co-worker that has this circular ring accessory stuck to the back of their mobile phone case. This accessory is called a “style ring” and they’ve been taking the country by storm in the last few months. They’re a multi-purpose accessory which basically helps you prop your phone up on the table, mount it on the dashboard of your car, or keep your device from slipping out of your hand.

They come in different sizes, shapes, prices, and designs. However note that the lower quality ones (non-branded generics) usually have weak adhesive or they ring tends to loosen up after a few months. We went through a couple ourselves until we finally found one that was pretty solid — the SPIGEN Style Ring.

Different colors that match the iPhone
Different colors that match the iPhone

The SPIGEN Style Ring is made from polycarbonate and comes in various colors matching the iPhone models. That said, it works with any smartphone and not just the iPhone. Just like most other style rings, it comes with a mount which you can use to stick to the dashboard of your car.

Apart from the quality of the build and the design, the selling point is that it’s also has a reusable gel pad. You just lightly wash it with water to clean away the dust and it reinforces the stickiness again.

The only issue with the SPIGEN Style Ring is without a doubt the price. This sells for a whopping Php1,050, making it one the most expensive Style Rings you can get here in the Philippines. While we can’t really say that it’s worth it, we can vouch for its quality. Unlike the cheaper ones which die after a few months (some get loose after a few weeks), this one should last you at least a year or more.

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The SPIGEN Style Ring is sold at SPIGEN kiosks in malls (the three that we usually visit are the ones in Shang, Vmall, and SM Megamall).

Carlo Ople

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  1. These things have been around for a while, and I don’t think they are called style rings. Tech vlogs such as android authority reviewed something similar to this a while back.

    1. Bumili kami nung katulad na sinabi mo 3 months ago, 100 pesos, halos 2 months pa lang kumalas ang sticky tape at hindi na namin magamit.

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