Swing Ball: One of the Funkiest Docks Ever

Swing Ball: One of the Funkiest Docks Ever

Swing Ball: Funky Dock for your Android Smartphone

GLOTOP Corp. sent us a bunch of cool stuff to review and feature here on Unbox. One of them is called the Swing Ball, a rotating dock for Android, BlackBerry, or Windows devices (microUSB). At first I was thinking it was just your ordinary dock but it turns out this is one funky accessory, lol. First thing you’ll notice about it is the cool design. It’s not your usual boring black charging dock. The one we got was in white and light blue which gave it more personality. The rotating feature is also useful especially if you’re the type that watches movies a lot of smartphones. Anyway, check out more photos and details below. Don’t forget to read the captions!

You can rotate it sidewards. You can attach the plastic holders on the sides so that the phone won’t fall. Ideal for watching movies and for phones that have their charging ports on the side, lol.
Galaxy Note II happily resting on the Swing Ball dock
Ta-daaa!! Perfect for watching movies/TV series. Funky right? Told ya so!
Definitely one of the more interesting docks we’ve reviewed so far.

Cool right? Hehe.

By the way, note that this is a charging dock, not a speaker dock. There are no built-in speakers in it. Personally I think the Swing Ball has a space on my desk since I really like the “funkyness”, hehe.

There’s no official SRP yet but if you want to get one you can give GLOTOP Corp. a call at (02) 550-1377? or 0917-3585593.

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