Tablets Are Not Dying, They Just Need A Removable Keyboard To Sell


This is why Samsung has a Windows 10 tablet

Ever wondered why Samsung suddenly released a Windows 10 slate that had a detachable keyboard despite not offering a Windows-powered machine for years? Apparently they’ve known what research firm IDC has seen recently in tablet and 2-in-1 sales. According to IDC, despite tablet sales still tanking in the previous months, sales of tablets with removable keyboards (which include hybrid 2-in-1s) have been climbing. Sales of tablets with detachable keyboards have more than doubled year-over-year to 8.1 million, which means there’s a good chance people want to get a tablet as long as it comes with a keyboard.

Why the shift? Well, it looks like productivity is the new meta for tablets nowadays, and Apple has scored big with their iPad Pro, shipping more of the gargantuan tablet than any of their competitors this year – IDC estimates that they’ve managed to move around 2 million units while Microsoft sold around 1.6 million Surface devices, a majority of which were the more expensive Surface Pro devices.


John Nieves

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  1. Interestingly, the IPad Pro has sold mostly on the promises by Tim Cook that it is a production powerhouse, since most people had never been able to actually put his claims to the test. There are many problems with his claim, since subsequent events have shown.
    1. Neither the OS that the tablet waa shipped with, nor most of the apps available for it have been optimised for the tablet.
    2. Both the Pencil, and the keyboard case have been in very short supply.
    3. The jury is in now.

    1. I messed up and submitted my reply before it was done:
      A. The IPad Pro tablet has great potential, but there are real issues that still need to be addressed.
      B. In order for it to really be a functional production and enterprise tool, you need to get the 128 gig variant.
      C. The cost of the expanded tablet, keyboard case and the Pencil are exorbitant considering the issues that still need to be addressed.

      There are, to my mind, several alternative ways to go in the ultra large tablet field.
      1. Certainly Samsung’s new entry is a force to be reckoned with in the Windows market though I do wish that they had included the S Pen in the package.
      2. Regardless of recent issues in the press, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 coupled with the keyboard cover has been getting very good reviews
      3. The third production and enterprise solution is a little bit aging, but incredibly powerful solution that still wows the competition. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 w/64 gigs also coupled with the keyboard cover for it. At this stage in it’s productivity life, it should be available from third party dealers on line at a very attractive price. I can’t wait to see what comes in it’s next iteration.

      These are the best of the best in the ultra large tablet range.

      I think that when tablet makers produced and marketed their tablets they failed to realise just how efficient and reliable the tablets would be. This is the reason for the slump in tablet sales. This should change this year since, like myself,I just retired my tablet for a new one just a month ago.

  2. Nice Observation there by Mr. Christopulos. I agree with him.

    I bought my first tablet 3 years ago and though many far better speced tabs had came out than mine, I stuck with my old, reliable tablet. People who worked in offices would love a productivity tool they can carry anywhere. Carrying a laptop or notebook slows people down due to its weight and bulkiness. A tablet is perfect but without a keyboard, they can’t work fast enough to catch up with fast moving world.

    As a consultant, I need a productivity tool that i can carry in field and meetings that is fast, responsive and lightweight. This tablet met my requirements and already thinking of replacing my old buddy. I had thought of surface pro but buying seperately the accessories i need made me think otherwise.

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