Teardown Confirms Apple Waterproofed Parts Inside iPhone 6S and 6S Plus


This is why Apple’s new phones didn’t die in water

A few days ago we showed you video of an Apple 6S and 6S Plus that survived a usually fatal trip to the drink. Many wondered why Apple’s newest phone didn’t die like everybody predicted – including teardown experts iFixit. Well, it seems that the firm from Cupertino managed to apply an elegant solution to the ever present problem of H2O that Steve Jobs would be proud of.

See, instead of waterproofing the entire case, Apple waterproofed the components of the new phones, specifically the connectors for all the bits by surrounding them with silicone seals. This, combined with thicker than usual gaskets used in the phone’s construction means that water has a harder time getting into the important bits of the phone, which is a big help when your accidentally goes swimming on its own.


The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus isn’t waterproof, and water can still enter the phone via the SIM tray and speaker grill if there was enough pressure exerted on the outside of the phone so we don’t recommend you go swimming with it any time soon. But for accidental trips to any body of water, your phone will be okay as long as you snatch it out as soon as possible.


John Nieves

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  1. i hope this makes it clear to everyone, that it’s not waterproof, just made more resistant to water damage. expecting scores of IP6S owners bragging about their phones in the beach, then making a (not unexpected) detour to the nearest powermac store to complain why their phones died while taking selfies underwater.

  2. Pls add “S” on the iphone 6 Plus title of the this article. :) To avoid confusion :)

    Good info on the article

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