The Aiaiai TMA-2: A Modular Headphone System Now With Bluetooth Connectivity

Last year, Aiaiai launched a customizable headphone system dubbed the TMA-2. Modular in design, the TMA-2 has four different parts: speaker units, earpads, cables, and headband. These modular pieces can be easily swapped with different options from Aiaiai.


The company recently debuted a new headband part called the H05 that enables Bluetooth AptX HD audio for the headphones. The H05 boasts an estimated 16 hours of battery life and has a USB Type-C slot for its charging port.


Currently, Aiaiai is going through a Kickstarter project to fund the H05 as a major update to the TMA-2. Backers will be able to snag these headbands for a discounted price, as the expected SRP for the H05 will be around $125 (~Php 6.3K).

Source: The Verge, Kickstarter

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