The APEX 2019 is vivo’s First 5G Phone

Keeping things simple and button-free

After being revealed at MWC 2019, vivo revealed its futuristic APEX 2019 concept smartphone to select members of the media in the Philippines. The concept phone makes use of a “super unibody” design, where the APEX 2019 has no buttons and holes around it.

Part of its futuristic design includes Touch Sense technology—a new innovation from vivo where a combination of pressure sensors and capacitive buttons determine if the user is pressing on to the frame, activating functions such as volume controls and on/off switch. Substituting for the USB port is a MagPort connector that is used for both charging the phone and transferring data.

The APEX 2019’s all-screen display comes with Screen SoundCasting and a Full Display Fingerprint scanning feature. The former transforms the display into a speaker through vibrations, while the latter means you can simply touch anywhere in the display using your registered fingerprint to unlock the phone. Making the fingerprint scanning accurate is Fingerprint Light, where pixels light up to obtain a clearer image of the fingerprint.

As vivo’s first 5G phone, the APEX 2019 comes with a Snapdragon 855 processor paired with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. Those specs should be more than enough for seamless video watching, mobile gaming, music streaming, and use of many other essential apps.

Even if it is a 5G device, the APEX 2019 maintains its sleek design thanks to a Duplex PCB Design that increases available space by 20%—giving the phone enough room to fit in all the necessary 5G components.

There’s no word yet if the APEX 2019 will be made available to the public as of press writing.

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