The Flyshark 2 Is An Elegant Folding Keyboard For Your Phablet and Tablet


Check out the Flyshark!

Looking for an elegant folding keyboard for your tablet and phablet? Well, you might want to check out the Flyshark 2. This particular portable keyboard folds in half to allow for easier storing when not in use. Compatible for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices, the Flyshark 2 boasts Bluetooth connectivity and low power consumption of up to one year on stand by. The keyboard uses a scissor mech with 3.5mm of travel, and is rated to last for around 5 million strokes.

The small team that built Flyshark 2 is putting their creation up for grabs at Kickstarter. At just $39 for the lowest-end device (or around 1.8K without shipping) the Flyshark 2 is an elegant device for people who like working everywhere but need a physical keyboard to get things done.


The company has already reached half of their $30,000 Kickstarter goal, and still has 22 days left (as of writing) in their Kickstarter campaign.

John Nieves

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