The Galaxy Fold 2 will be One Compact Foldable Phone

Imagine an A71 that folds in half

Samsung is set to follow up the Galaxy Fold with a more compact Galaxy Fold 2. Slated to debut together with the Galaxy S11 series, leaked photos of the upcoming foldable surfaced.

Sharing a similar form factor used on the RAZR 2019, the Galaxy Fold 2 has a display that is roughly the size of the Galaxy A71’s display, except that it sports a 21:9 aspect ratio. The bezels are relatively thick and you get a central-mounted punch-hole for the selfie camera.

Folding the phone gives you a compact square device with a small AMOLED display for pertinent information, an LED flash, and dual rear cameras. As for the ports, you have a USB-C port at the bottom, while the headphone jack is nowhere to be found.

Unlike the first Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold is rumored to be more affordable with a sub-$1000 price tag. We should know more about the phone when it gets announced alongside the Galaxy S11 series.


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