The GTX 1660 is NVIDIA’s Most Affordable Turing-Based GPU

A budget upgrade option for those using a GTX 1060 GPU

Roughly a month after introducing the GTX 1660Ti, NVIDIA announced a more affordable version with the GTX 1660. The GTX 1660 comes with fewer CUDA cores (at 1408 compared to 1536 on the GTX 1660Ti), lower memory bandwidth (192GB/s instead of 288.1GB/s) and GDDR5 memory (instead of GDDR6 memory) to keep costs down—depending on the manufacturer, the GTX 1660 starts at $219(~Php 11.7k).

The GTX 1660 aims to be NVIDIA’s GPU for the mainstream consumer market and is geared towards those upgrading from a GTX 1060 or GTX 960. NVIDIA claims that the GTX 1660 offers a 15% performance upgrade from the GTX 1060. Compared to the GTX 960, NVIDIA claims as much as 130% improvement in performance with the GTX 1660.

The GTX 1660 will be available at local retailers starting today.

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