The Huawei P20 Pro Has The Biggest Sensor In A Smartphone

Simply out of this world

By now, people are amazed by the fact that the Huawei P20 Pro has a whopping 40-megapixel primary RGB sensor that sports Leica optics. It is so insane that only Nokia’s PureView smartphones were able to sport such cameras.

Yet the story does not end there: As revealed during the press launch in Paris, the P20 Pro has a HUGE image sensor, at 1/1.7 inch. This is bigger than the Galaxy S9+’s 1/2.55 inch sensor and the iPhone X’s 1/2.9 inch sensor.

To give you some perspective, the P20 Pro shares the same sensor size with the Pentax Q7, which was touted as theĀ smallest interchangeable lens digital camera back in 2013.

Pentax Q7

In addition, the 1/1.7 inch sensor was also used with Canon’s Powershot S series, from the S95 to the S120.

The Powershot S120, which was launched in 2013.


It’s quite amazing (not to mention insane) for Huawei to squeeze in a 1/1.7 inch sensor inside the slim frame of the P20 Pro. Aside from the huge sensor size, the P20 Pro hasĀ 1.55 um pixels, and is capable of shooting at ISO102400, which is the maximum ISO for professional DSLRs like Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV.

With such camera specs, we can’t wait to put the P20 Pro to the wringer and see its full photography potential.


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