The Instax SQ20 Delivers the Best of Both Analog and Digital

Hipster millennials will definitely love this camera

Millennials and Gen-Zers love to take photos. Whether it may be their pets or their loved ones, photos captures these memorable moments.

For this young generation, taking photos can be in the form of old school film or modern-day digital. While it is debatable which medium offers a better set of photos, Fuji’s Instax SQ20 offers the best of both worlds: you can shoot your photos using Fuji’s Instax film AND shoot hipster-eque, Instagram-ready digital photos at the same time.

Billed as a hybrid camera, the Instax SQ20 offers a number of cool features on top of the classic Instax features like Motion Mode, where you can capture moving subjects easily by taking a 15-second video. There’s also a “Time Collage” feature that lets you take four photos with a single press of the shutter button for those artsy shots.

Aside from having a 3.7-megapixel square sensor (because sometimes you want to shoot digital), the Instax SQ20 is the first model in the Instax line to have a zoom feature, which gives you a flexible focal length range.

The Instax SQ20 retails for Php 12,999 and is available at all Fujifilm authorized dealers nationwide.


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