The Kira Ring Light Takes Your Selfies To The Next Level


This is the ultimate light for the selfie obsessed

If you’re the type of person that likes taking selfies literally everywhere but are disheartened by the distinct lack of light during your selfie binges, take note: someone’s made a product just for you. The Kira ring light is exactly that – a ring light/flash that you attach to your phone to give you the best light coverage on your face when taking selfies outdoors.


The Kira was designed by Julie Watai, a Japanese photographer who was disappointed by the poory-lit selfies taken with her iPhone. She then set out to create a light/flash combo to help alleviate that and unsurprisingly based the Kira on ring lights used by photographers for beauty and macro shots. Because of this, the Kira is a bit bulky and requires to AA batteries to operate.



The Kira isn’t available as of yet, with Watai seeking funding on Japanese crowdfunding site Kibidango. If you want to see this see the light of day, you can visit her page down below. Fair warning though, the page is in Japanese.


John Nieves

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