The LG G8 ThinQ Won’t Be Cheap

Will it be worth the price hike?

As LG is set to unveil the G8 ThinQ at MWC 2019, leaked rumors about its price makes us concerned about the Korean brand, whose mobile division is facing big losses.

According to a leaked price sheet at a Canadian retailer, the 128GB variant of the G8 ThinQ will retail for CAD 1,199.99, which translates to a little over $900, or Php 47k when converted.

That’s a pretty steep price hike considering the G7 ThinQ retailed for Php 42,990 when it was launched in the Philippines. Unless LG introduces innovative tech to the G8 ThinQ aside from the ToF front camera, it will face tough competition against the likes of Samsung and Sony, who are also launching new flagship phones next week.




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  1. Samsung and sony?LG would be lucky if they could get pass Redmi and Honor flagships.Tsk.. Tsk..they should rethink their approach, they are not the same juggernaut anymore that could compete with the China bigboys. Even Samsung has joined the fray have remodelled their bussiness model by offering a more price friendly midtier series.

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