The Mac Pro is the Easiest to Repair Apple Product According to iFixit

Finally, a Mac that is fixable

If there’s one thing we hate about Apple products, it is the fact that is is difficult to repair them in case something breaks down. Owners of MacBook Pro know this too well: fixing a problematic butterfly keyboard would mean replacing the entire top case while changing the battery means replacing the whole bottom case.
Want to upgrade your RAM and SSD storage? Tough luck, as both are soldered directly on the logic board—you will need to replace the whole logic board in case your RAM or SSD breaks down.
However, that’s not the case with the 2019 Mac Pro. iFixit recently tore down a unit and gave the Mac Pro a repairability score of 9—the highest score ever in an Apple product since 2006. Ifixit notes that the Mac Pro’s modular design, along with an easy to open case, makes it easy to do repairs and upgrades on it—save for the SSD.
One issue iFixit saw with the SSDs is that they are custom-made by Apple—you need to buy Apple-authorized SSD chips in order to upgrade the Mac Pro’s storage.
Check out iFixit’s video below:



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