The MacBook and MacBook Pro Could be Getting Updated Hardware Later this Year

Good news for those of you who might be holding out on your next Apple purchase,  and a bit of bad news for those of you who have but the bullet. As the headline suggests,  we could be seeing refreshed versions of the Apple notebooks by the latter part of the year.

According to research notes by Ming-Chi Kuo,  a securities analyst at KGI, the 2017 iterations of the MacBook and MacBook Pro will feature Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and a bit of a RAM bump as well. The incoming MacBooks are said to be going to be going into production within the 2nd quarter of the year and will now be available with up to 16GB of RAM as on option. The MacBook Pros on the other hand could feature as much as 32GB of RAM to go along with the 7th generation Intel processors.

The best rumor of all is that it could have additional ports apart from USB Type-C thus eliminating the need for all the dongles.

Here’s to hoping.

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Jamie Inocian

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