Thursday , 2 April 2020

The New ZTE Blade S6 and S6 Plus Look like iPhones!

The ZTE Blade S6 Plus
The ZTE Blade S6 Plus

ZTE’s New Phones Look Like They Were Designed in Cupertino

You can never really tell what you’ll find in the demo area of the Mobile World Congress. Take for example these new smartphones that we stumbled upon in the booth of ZTE. These two octa-core LTE capable smartphones look exactly like the new iPhones! Heck it’s like you’re seeing the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus running on Android Lollipop! It’s so bizarre and unsettling at the same time.

Here are hands-on videos that we made of both devices.

ZTE BLADE S6 (iPhone 6 Look Alike)

ZTE BLADE S6 PLUS (iPhone 6 Plus Look Alike)

Crazy. I’m not sure if Apple will sue (they probably won’t) but believe me when I say that they look like carbon copies of the new iPhones. 😮

No word yet if they will be available in the PH as well as pricing.

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  1. Avatar

    apple won’t sue them i think… because i read from an article that a person sued apple for stealing intellectual property (iPhone6 design)…

  2. Avatar

    yeah phonedog

  3. Avatar

    Well you should try Cubot X9 it looks like an Iphone 6 plus and aluminum back that you might be mistook it as a real iphone 6 but the only difference is it has a 3 captive buttons instead of one 😀

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