OPPO Philippines Teases the Arrival of the OPPO F3

Same Front Cameras, Smaller Display

OPPO released its latest Selfie Expert, the OPPO F3 Plus,  a little over a month ago, but there was something missing — a smaller variant of the device, the OPPO F3. Well, it seems like the smaller Selfie Expert was lagging a little behind and will be arriving on our shores soon. OPPO India has, however, confirmed that it will launched on their side of Asia on May 4.

You may be asking: “What’s the difference?” So far, all we know is that it will have a smaller display at 5.5-inches, compared to the 6-inch display on the OPPO F3 Plus. Due to the change in dimensions, we’re likely to see a smaller battery capacity on the device as well but were hoping that it retains most of the internals on the F3 Plus.


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