The Playstation 4 Gets Its Major Update Today, March 9

Early in February, Sony announced that they would be launching an update for the Playstation 4 that would include two key features: “Boost Mode” for the Playstation 4 Pro and External Hard Drive support. The Japanese company failed to give us a launch date for the patch when the features were first announced, but it’s all good since it seems like we’re going to be getting today. Yep, that’s right, your Sony Playstation is getting firmware patch 4.50 on March 9. If you’re not hooked up to a fiber connection, you ┬ámay want to head to a friend’s house because we have a feeling the update is going to be a bit big.

Just as a refresher, the supposed “Boost Mode” will allow owners of the Playstation 4 Pro to play the latest releases and certain older titles that have been optimized with more consistent frame rates and may even significantly cut down on load times as well.

As for the HDD support, PS4 owners can now rejoice that they don’t have to open up their consoles to increase its memory capacity. They will be able to install games on an external HDD as big as 8TB, so they will no longer have to manage what games to keep installed on their systems.

There are, of course, other minor tweaks and additional feature that will come with the patch, such as: Cinematic Mode and 3D support for the Playstation VR, updates to Voice Chat, and the ability to use in-game screenshots as your wallpaper.

Again, the patch will be released today, March 9. There’s no word on how big the patch file will be exactly, but we have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty substantial size.


Jamie Inocian

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  1. Just updated from firmware 4.07 to 4.50. Using Ps4 Pro. Lemme give you guys a heads up and say that the update was only 399mb, surprisingly small for a supposed “major” update. Can’t wait to try “Boost mode”.

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