The Pokemon Go Effect: GH Stalls Selling Powerbanks, Water-resistant Cases Like Hotcakes


Pokemon Go fever has gripped the Philippines, judging from the amount of people trying to catch the digital monsters in the wild this weekend. And like trainers in countries where the AR game has launched, Pinoy trainers are slowly realizing the terrible toll of the game on their phone’s battery. It’s not surprising then that the merchants we talked to in Greenhills report powerbank sales surging in the wake of the release of the game.

Six different merchants in various gadget stores in Greenhills all confirm what we knew all along: sales of powerbanks are booming, with the increase going to double to triple digits. Particularly popular are powerbanks that have built-in charging cables, which are easier to use and store.

Water-resistant case sales are also on the rise since the game’s launch, probably since most trainers are hardcore and are willing to keep playing even under the rain. We expect higher sales of these items as the game continous to get steam in the PH, and powerbank shortages because of higher demand isn’t too far fetched at his point in time.

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