The Realme Buds Offer Great Audio Quality Without Breaking the Bank

They are more than looks

For anyone who relies on music on a daily basis, it is a must to have a decent pair of earphones or headphones with me. Based on my personal experience, those that produce decent sound quality are those priced at above Php 1,000. That can go higher if wireless earphones are your only option, especially with some phones ditching the headphone jack.

Normally, I’d hesitate to try out earphones priced below Php 1,000 or even below Php 500 because I’m skeptical of their sound quality and build. However, that’s not the case with the Realme Buds.

Priced at Php 399, Realme’s in-ear offering offers value for money. Aside from the attractive yellow packaging, the Realme Buds has several interesting features on the first impression. You have those magnetic clips that prove to be very useful in keeping them organized and tangle-free when not in use.

There’s also Kevlar braiding on the cable, ensuring the durability of the Realme buds. As for the sound quality, the Realme Buds deliver solid bass and decent mids—impressive considering that they cost a hair below Php 400. They also fit great too thanks to their 45-degree angle eartips, making them comfortable to wear even at prolonged periods.

You can buy the Realme Buds at Realme’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.


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