The Sony NW-A100TPS Gives A Nostalgic Experience to Cassette Users

It has one clever trick up its sleeve

Did you ever own a Walkman before? If yes, do you recall those memories of lugging around cassette tapes and visually seeing those cassette tapes rotate slowly inside the Walkman?

While everyone practically carries their music through their phones (and sometimes through dedicated music players), Sony commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Walkman with a special model called the NW-A100TPS.

While it is a digital music player, what makes this model unique is its soft case that resembles the TPS-L2, AKA the first Walkman. The soft case has a small window that lets you view your music as if it was a cassette player. Pretty awesome, if you ask us.

Save for the nostalgia-inducing feature, the NW-A100TPS is your typical digital audio player that is powered by Android, comes with 16GB of internal storage, charges via USB-C, and sports a 3.6-inch touchscreen.

For the audio side, the NW-A100TPS is equipped with audiophile-centric features that include Sony’s S-Master HX digital amplifier, DSEE HX processor, and a vinyl processor that brings extra warmth and vinyl-like quality to your tracks.¬†Oh, it also has a headphone jack if you want the full nostalgic experience.

The price for a nostalgic experience? Around $400(~Php 20.8k) when it becomes available in December. It is certainly pricey for a music player (heck, you can get a flagship killer phone for roughly the same price), but people might buy this music player for that nostalgia feeling anyway.




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