The Surface Duo is A Foldable Device that Runs Android

It is the Microsoft phone everyone is waiting for

At Microsoft’s packed Surface event, one of the tech brand’s biggest surprises is its plan to make smartphones once again. Not any ordinary smartphone, but a foldable one at that.

Called the Surface Duo, Microsoft’s portable foldable consists of two 5.6-inch displays that transform into a 8.3-inch device when unfolded. Unlike Huawei and Samsung’s implementation of the foldable phone, the Surface Duo does not use a flexible display.

At the event, Microsoft explained that you can run two separate apps on both displays, increasing productivity. On landscape mode, the second display can be used as a keyboard or game controller

Since it is powered by Android (a heavily skinned one at that), you can install any app from the Google Play store.

Microsoft did not reveal any more details about the Surface Duo, save for a planned holiday 2020 availability.


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