The Surface Neo is Microsoft’s first Windows 10X-Powered Device

Another dual-screened device from Microsoft

Microsoft thinks that dual-screen devices are the future, and aside from the Surface Duo phone, they also launched a bigger Surface Neo during their Surface-themed event. While the Surface Duo runs a heavily-skinned version of Android, the Surface Neo runs Windows 10X. This new version of Windows 10 is meant to power dual-screen devices.

Like the Surface Duo, the Surface Neo has two displays (a bigger 9-inch panel specifically) that combine, for a 13-inch display. Microsoft claims that it has the thinnest LCD in its class and is geared towards productivity. Microsoft did not reveal what will power the Surface Neo, though The Verge reports that it will come with Intel’s 11th-generation, 10nm-based Lakefield processors.

Like the Surface Duo, the Surface Neo will be available this Holiday 2020.


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