There Might Not Be A Third Razer Phone

The company is vague regarding the recent rumors

We give credit to Razer for kicking off the gaming phone trend with the Razer phone. Other brands came up with their own interpretation of the gaming phone—with some having a sub-brand dedicated to such market.

While Razer launched the Razer Phone 2 last October, it is expected that there will be a Razer Phone 3 sometime this year. Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Aside from shutting down their game store, Razer reportedly pushed another round of layoffs, affecting around two percent of the company’s workforce. Majority of those who were laid off are reportedly connected to the company’s mobile division—which is bad news for those hoping for a new Razer Phone.

In response to the rumors, Razer sent a statement to Droid Life, saying that “other employees of the affected projects will be moved to different parts of Razer to work on other key focus projects and initiatives which will continue to scale and hire.”

The Razer Phone 2 is scheduled to receive Android Pie within this month, so hope might not be lost for those who are big fans of Razer’s gaming phone.


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