There’s Only One Place Where You Can Get the Realme 2 Pro Locally

And it is available in limited quantities

Three months since it has set foot in the Philippines, a lot of people were wondering why the Realme 2 Pro did not make it to our shores. One of the common reasons includes Realme’s initial priority (hence only releasing the Realme C1 for now) and the lack of supported LTE bands (the 4GB and 6GB variants do not support Band 3, 7, and 28—the LTE bands that are used in the Philippines).

Those reasons aside, we were surprised to find out that Realme actually sold the Realme 2 Pro locally—but only to one dealer.

You read that right: the Realme 2 Pro was released silently to Pines Multi Telecom in Baguio. Realme Philippines confirmed this to us, though they mentioned that they only brought a limited amount of Realme 2 Pro devices to the said dealer.

2 variants were brought in locally: the 6GB/64GB model is priced at Php 13,990, while the 8GB/128GB model was sold for Php 14,990. Between the two, the 8GB variant is a steal as there are no similarly-priced phones in the market that comes with 8GB of RAM.

With the impending launch of the Realme 3, there’s little chance that Realme will be bringing more Realme 2 Pro units to the Philippines, but that might change if there is positive reception for its limited release.

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