ThinkGeek Announces Starcraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger

Starcraft pylon

For Aiur!

Okay now this is pretty sick!

ThinkGeek just posted on their website that they’re selling officially licensed StarCraft II Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Stations! Now before you get all giddy and say that this is the “perfect power bank”, kindly note that this is a USB desktop charger and not a portable battery. You’ll have to plug this in via your usual AC adapter and then you can plug into it via USB to charge your mobile devices. It has 2 USB ports (2.1 and 1) so you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Apart from the charging your devices, it also functions as a small desk lamp (it has an off/on switch).

We already placed an order for one. You can too for $39.99 at ThinkGeek.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Now WHY cant I ship to the Philippines? This sucks. How did you guys place your order? A Little help sir Carlo?

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