This Device is not your Typical Power Bank

It comes with a UV Lamp too!

In times like these, it is important to ensure that your gadgets (and other items) are free from germs and viruses that are potentially as harmful as COVID-19. Cherry Mobile has been serious with this, launching several products—the Cherry Ion and UV Sterilizing Cabinet to name a few—that helps in disinfecting your items and ensuring that you are surrounded with clean air.

One of Cherry Mobile’s latest products is this power bank that has a built-in UV Lamp. Aside from its 6000mAh cell and dual USB-A outputs (one providing 5w charging and the other providing 10w charging), what makes this product unique is its 3w UV lamp.

The said lamp emits 3,000,000mw for effectively disinfecting items without any physical contact. Cherry Mobile quotes that you can use the UV lamp for up to 30 minutes per use, which should be enough for disinfecting small items and small areas.

The UV lamp power bank is priced at Php 1,399 and can be purchased at Cherry Mobile’s Official Lazada store.

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