This May Be Nokia’s First Android Smartphone, The C1


Expect this in 2016

Nokia’s return to the smartphone market is no longer a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when. Analysts has pegged the return of the Finnish smartphone brand to the market in 2016, when their agreement with Microsoft expires, at which point the company can start making smartphones again. And it seems that the device that Nokia is looking to make their triumphant return with is the C1, according to multiple leaks.

Nokia C1

First off, yes, Nokia’s comeback phone will be running Android, though we’re not sure which version of Google’s mobile OS it’ll come packing when its launched. What we’re sure of is that the phone will come with Nokia’s own Z-Launcher that appeared on their N1 tablet last year.

The phone, which first appeared as a render and later surfaced in real-world photos, looks to have a 5-inch HD display and is rumored to sport an Intel Atom processor along with 2GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera and comes sporting extremely thin bezels. From the looks of the specs, the phone will be targeted at either mid-range to entry level users, which will give Nokia a wider appeal compared to a more expensive offering. It’s an interesting strategy, and certainly one that’ll appeal to longtime Nokia users and first time buyers.

Nokia’s C1 smartphone will obviously not be made by the Finnish company – as with the N1, they’ll supply the R&D and the design chops and will tap a third party OEM to produce and market the device. It’s not clear if the C1 will be made by Foxconn, the same people who made and marketed the N1 Tablet in China and surrounding regions.

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  1. They’ve updated the specifications. The display is listed as 5″ FULL HD and it will run on Google’s Android Marshmallow.

  2. Since the time immemorial, I used Nokia phones. My last unit was N8 before I switch to android smartphones. I had known Nokia as quality makers of phones and that’s what I like on their products. I don’t like windows OS on smartphones that’s why I refrain from buying. With their entry with android OS, surely this will be a hit (and no miss). Pretty expensive but you are buying quality. Quality that is better than other phone maker giants, I think.

    For sure, bibili ako uli ng phones nila but I will wait until they ship out a number of models. Para may pagpipilian. 🙂

  3. it will not be the same nokia we’ve known for years…a lot has changed, but i hope this change would be for the better….

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