This Smart Mirror Doubles as an All-Around Fitness Machine

Redefining the way we see home gyms

Aside from encouraging working at home, another effect of community quarantine includes people exercising at the comfort of their own home. Currently, people would follow online fitness classes (through Zoom, Facebook live, or Instagram live) and utilize whatever they have at home to complete a set (or two) of exercises.

For those who want to level up their workouts, industrial designer Yves Berhar came up with the Formeā€”a smart mirror that comes with a built-in weight training system. The Forme is also modular with optional add-ons like a heart rate monitor and ankle straps for more workout variations and better fitness tracking.

As a smart fitness product, the Forme comes with classes that you can stream through the smart mirror. These classes are catered to the user’s fitness levels and automatically adjusts the resistance of the weight training system.

The Forme is expected to be available this Fall 2020. It will cost you $149/month for 39 months, and the price includes the Forme equipment and content subscription for the exercises.


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