This Telco is Offering a Buy One, Get One Galaxy Note 8 Deal

What a deal

Kinda Wishing We Had This in the PH

T-mobile, a telco in the US, is offering a “Buy One, Get One” offer for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Mechanics though are a bit complicated. First you need to get a new postpaid plan with them for the first Galaxy Note 8 (doesn’y apply for Retention offers). After that you’ll add a second Galaxy Note 8 on top of your monthly installement, which means you’ll be paying monthly for 2 devices. T-mobile will then give you a prepaid Mastercard with the value of the second Note 8 in it. It’s more like a 100% rebate program as opposed to a genuine Buy One, Get One offer.

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It’s a fresh and creative offer from T-mobile and we hope that we see similar out-of-the-box offers from our telcos here in the Philippines.

Would you guys get it here if it was offered locally? Sound off in the comments section below.

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