Top-Tier iPhone XS Max will cost you almost Php 100k in the Philippines

The cheapest variant starts at Php 50,990

As we wait for the official launch of the new iPhones in the Philippines, Apple’s local online shop disclosed the prices of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Check them out below:

Comparing it to the grey market prices, the official prices are slightly cheaper by a few thousand Pesos. It is much worse when compared to the US pricing, as the price disparity goes to as much as almost Php20k for the 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max.

Like we have said many times, it is more rational to get the latest Macbook Pros for that amount of money instead of an iPhone. What do you think?

Apple Announces iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Apple Announces iPhone Xs and Xs Max

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  1. Not really surprised since apple always ask exhorbitant prices for their products. What surprises me, people still buy their phones despite their tubong-lugaw prices.

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