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Tronsmart M1, Element T2, Presto And S4 Unboxing: Affordable Accessories

We unbox a couple of useful, affordable accessories from Tronsmart!

Remember Tronsmart, purveyor of useful, high-quality accessories here in the Philippines? Well, the company has just sent us a care package full of products that are just begging to get unboxed. So that’s exactly what we’re doing in this article. The package contained 4 products – the Encore M1, a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter, the Presto 10000mAh power bank, the Element T2 water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker and the Encore S4 Active Noise Cancellation headphones. We’re going to break it down to 4 sections so you don’t get confused, so let’s go!

Tronsmart Element T2 water resistant wireless speakers

While Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s both affordable and water resistant. The Element T2 from Tronsmart is both, and promises to deliver quality sound without breaking the bank.

Most of Tronsmart’s products carry their distinctive purple coloration on the front, and the Element T2 is no exception. As you can see in the photo the speaker isn’t that big, as it’s typically the same size of most Bluetooth speakers on the market today.

Inside the box is the speaker along with a few cables, specifically a USB cable, 3.5mm connectors, a carabiner and a small length of rope.

The speaker itself has a rubber-like exterior, and looks to be durable enough for outdoor use. A flap on the side hides the USB charging port, 3.5mm jack as well as the microSD port for playing music stored locally.

The power button, Bluetooth pairing button, volume controls and play/pause buttons are oversized and easy to hit, and are located on the top of the speaker.

Pairing our phone with the speaker proved pretty painless, with the Moto Z2 Play immediately detecting the Element T2 as soon as we turned it on. Interestingly enough, you can pair two Element T2’s together in a sort of Bluetooth daisy chain if you need extra oomph.

The Element T2 is priced at Php 1,700.

Tronsmart Encore M1 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

The Tronsmart Encore M1 is a nifty little gadget that’ll turn any dumb speaker you have at home into a Bluetooth-capable one. The Encore M1 is basically a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that connects to dumb appliances quickly and easily. In the box is the unit itself, along with an SPDIF cable, adapter for said SPDIF cable for legacy speakers, USB cable and double male 3.5mm cable.

Onto the device itself – the Encore M1 is a rather small Bluetooth receiver/transmitter that you can connect to any audio device that has either a 3.5mm or SPDIF jack to stream audio wirelessly. It has two switches on the side – one is to determine if its transmitting or receiving signals while the other switches the input/output to either the 3.5mm jack or SPDIF connection.

On the rear sits the 3.5mm jack, SPDIF input and output and a USB port for charging. The device has a small internal battery so you can use it without being plugged in, though we suggest to plug in a power source to it so your listening sessions don’t get interrupted by the unit running out of power.

The Encore M1 might be small, but it’s incredibly useful. I have a pair of Bose desktop speakers that have better sound quality than most of the other audio gear I have, but since they only work via a 3.5mm jack, they stay connected to my PC most of the time. With the Encore M1, I can now use them with any of the notebooks or phones I have with me without having to be tied to the desk.

Another interesting use case is using the Encore M1 in transmitter mode and connecting it to a TV or home theater setup, and using a pair of Bluetooth headphones to listen. You can finally watch movies late at night on your big screen without waking up everyone in the house.

No price has been set for the Encore M2, but it retails for around $40 in the US.

Tronsmart Presto 10000mAh powerbank

While they now dabble in multiple accessories and audio products, Tronsmart made its name on providing high-quality power and charging solutions for mobile devices. The company has several patents to its name, including their VoltIQ tech that’s present on nearly all of their charging devices.

The Tronsmart Presto 10000mAh powerbank combines that particular tech with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, so you won’t have to tether your phone to the powerbank for long when you’re charging it.

The packaging includes the power bank itself, documentation, a pouch for convenient carrying and a USB cable.

The charger has two outputs – one for Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 compliant phones, and one with the company’s VoltIQ tech for every other device in the market. Their VoltIQ tech automatically detects the highest charging speed that your device can withstand safely and delivers the right amount of power.

The Presto 10000mAh power bank retails for Php 1,500.

Tronsmart Encore S4 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Last on this Tronsmart unboxing binge is their Encore S4 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. Priced at around $50 in the US, it’s one of the most affordable options in the market right now.

The headphones come in a rather large box, and comes with only a USB cable and a bunch of extra silicone tips.

The design of the headphones resemble the offerings of LG, utilizing an around the neck design for maximum comfort. Unfortunately the earpieces aren’t retractable, and nothing protects the wires that run to them which may become a problem if they get snagged on anything.

All of the controls for the S4 lies on the left side of the headphones, which includes a power button in the middle of the volume rocker, as well as the physical switch for the Active Noise Cancellation tech. There’s a microUSB port to charge the thing, and Tronsmart says that it’ll be able run continuously for 20 hours on a single charge.

We’ve yet to really run the S4 through the ringer, but from what we can tell when we used it for a few minutes, it’s actually quite decent. The lows are pretty rich, the mids are there and the highs are discernable – short story the audio quality is surprising considering the price of the headphones.

As for the active noise cancellation tech, it works as advertised. It managed to kill the noise of the fan positioned right beside us going full tilt.

No price has been set for this, but expect it to retail at around $50.

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