Turn Old, Slow Notebooks To Speedy Chromebooks With Neverware


A second life for your old notebooks

Have a notebook that’s in the end of its useful life? Is it taking forever to load Windows? Well, before you trash it and buy a new one, you can still breathe new life to it by transforming it into a Chromebook via through Neverware. The company gives old notebooks a new lease in life via their free Cloud Ready Software that transforms your old clunker into a dual-boot system that runs both Chrome OS and Windows.

Even though your notebook is a couple of years old, chances are it’ll run Chrome OS just fine since Google’s notebook OS requires far less number crunching power to run compared to Windows.

It’s a great option for schools as well, and the company is offering its Cloud Ready Software to educators for $59 a machine. There’s a catch though – it won’t work with every old notebook, and Neverware says that it’ll only work with notebooks with pre-existing Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 which is installed in UEFI mode. That narrows down the list of notebooks that can use the software, but notebooks built within the last 10 years or so should not have any problems. You can grab the software here.

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