TYLT Portable Battery with Power Dock Makes Other Powerbanks Boring

Meet the TYLT Portable Battery and Power Dock

One of the Best Powerbanks You Can Buy

There’s not a lot of innovation that happens with external battery packs (aka powerbanks). Most of the time we just see manufacturers race to cram as much “mAh” they can into it without making it too bulky and heavy. That impression we had changed though when we discovered the TYLT Portable Battery with Power Dock. The creators purposefully thought of common paint points with powerbanks and they built in features that allow their customers to have the best possible experience with them compared to other alternatives.

So What Makes this Such a Nice Powerbank?

First is the design. There are two components to this — the powerbank and the power dock. Let’s start with the 7,800mAh powerbank. On the exterior we a silver brushed metal finish that closely resembles the color and feel of MacBooks. Sandwiched in between is a glossy plastic shell that has all the ports (micro USB, USB, and magnetic pins). It looks click, elegant, and futuristic.

The power dock takes the same design aesthetics. This is where this starts to become cool.

To charge the powerbank, you just drop it on the power dock (just align the magnetic pins). From there you can see the battery levels via the LED lights on the face of the powerbank. This makes it so much easier to charge the pack compared to pulling out a micro USB cable and clumsily trying to insert it to the port of the powerbank. The user experience is just so much better.

When docked

What will probably seem out of the ordinary is the two micro-USB ports at the back of the power dock. You can actually plug two microUSB cables here to supercharge the powerbank when you dock it. This is the first time I’ve seen this feature. Getting to see “firsts” on gadgets these days is kinda rare so mad props to TYLT for this innovation.

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Not only does the power dock charge the powerbank quickly, the powerbank also has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. If you have a smartphone that’s compatible to this fast-charging, you can have better charging times (1 hour and 30 minutes vs 2 hours is the usual peg) for your device while you’re on the go with this powerbank.

It Makes All the Other Powerbanks Look Boring

In summary, it looks awesome, has a drop-to-dock-to-charge function, quick charging for the powerbank, and quick charging for your smartphone. That’s a lot of innovative features that you rarely find combined in other powerbanks.

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The TYLT Portable Battery and Power Dock sells for Php2,790 and is now available in Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores. If you want to buy a powerbank that’s about user experience and not just about the amount of mAh in it, this one is for you.

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