UK Study Discovers 99% of Fake Apple Chargers are Dangerous


A UK consumer protection group called the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) recently investigated the safety of counterfeit Apple chargers and found out that 99% of them are unsafe for use. Not surprising, true, but that percentage is still staggering.

The CTSI purchased 400 fake chargers online for their investigation and discovered that 397 of them “failed a basic safety test.” Guess you can’t expect much from cheapo, knock-off chargers, aside from a potential accident-in-waiting.

The protection group bought chargers from eight countries all over the world and did the usual safety checks.

Several tests were conducted including an electrical strength test in which high voltages are applied to the units to see how much voltage will flow between the input and output. If the current is above the threshold the unit is determined to have insufficient isolation with potential for electric shock. Only three of the 400 passed.

Early in 2016, Apple launched an investigation into the safety of these faux chargers and came up with similar results. The tech titan even filed a lawsuit against Mobile Star LLC, a company selling knock-off chargers that, according to Apple, were “so poorly designed and constructed that they posed a risk of lethal electrocution to the user.” Yikes.

Here’s the moral of the story, folks. Don’t skimp out on your device chargers, unless you like electrocution or unintended fires.

Source: Gizmodo

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  1. What about branded chargers? Many are made by the same companies that make counterfeit chargers. Too bad, the UK test didn’t try those…

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