Ulefone Shows Off Bezel-less Future in Botched Video


Someone needs to re-upload this vid, ASAP

A few weeks ago we told you about Ulefone’s upcoming bezel-less phone, the Future. Well, apparently the Chinese firm uploaded a video showing off that new phone, but someone dun goofed.

The video, starts off great yet freezes in the middle where the good bits are, shows off the bezel-less Future in action. While most of the important stuff isn’t shown, there’s a few useful bits at the end where the company puts the new device side by side with Apple’s iPhone 6.

Ulefone Future 2

From what we could gater from the botched video, the Future will come with at least a metal frame and incredibly thin side bezels. While this is pretty ace, the company did promise a bezel-less model, and unless our eyes deceive us, the phone that was featured in the video still had side bezels, albeit extremely thin.

Ulefone knows this and says that the device shown in the “video” is an engineering prototype and the final retail device will no longer have the side bezels. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true in the coming weeks.

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