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Unbox Giveaway: Six (6) FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amps!

FiiO E6 portable amps up for grabs!

Unbox Super Raffle: Six Units of FiiO E6 Amps!

We highly recommend the FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier. It’s affordable, portable, looks good, and does the job of enhancing the sound of your music. It truly is a great peripheral for people who love listening to music while they’re on the go on their smartphone or MP3 player. That’s why we’re very happy to announce that FiiO Philippines (please like their Facebook Page) gave us a couple of FiiO E6 amps to raffle away here at Unbox! For this giveaway there are six (6) FiiO E6 amps up for grabs! Yes, you read that right… not one, not two, not three, but six!

Before anything else though please show your support for Unbox and FiiO Philippines. Like the Unbox Facebook Page and the FiiO Philippines Facebook Page.


1. Leave a comment below using Facebook saying what song you’d like to hear on your MP3 Player with the Fiio E6 amp. For example:

I’d love to hear Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger” on my iPod powered by the FiiO E6 amp!

2. You can only leave 1 entry. Leaving multiple entries will disqualify you from the raffle.
3. Deadline for the raffle is 11:59PM February 10.
4. Five winners will be drawn via the e-raffle.
5. One winner will be picked by judges (the most creative answer).
4. Winners can claim their prizes in Greenhills (area to be given to winner).
5. To claim, winners must present a valid ID which name must match their FB profiles. This is to disqualify people who use multiple Facebook accounts just for joining contests like this.

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Thanks everyone and most especially to FiiO Philippines!

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Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. wanna hear moonpools and caterpillars “soon” on a Fiio E6 powered Ipod Nano, this will definetly start my day right

  2. I’d would love to dance to the tune of “teach me how to dougie” on my
    iPod powered by the FiiO
    E6 amp!

  3. Hi! Just a question though regarding the mechanics… I just joined the raffle but my Facebook profile name (shorter and modified) ever since doesn’t completely match the name on my IDs which has my complete name, though I’m only using a main one and only account. Am I still eligible for the raffle giveaway?

    1. Edit: Oops! Nevermind.. Just changed my name in account settings, previously thought I can’t change it since I got used to modifying using Edit Profile. Please delete this unnecessary comment.

  4. i would like to lister to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem on my iPad powered and engineered by FiiO E6 amp!

  5. i’d love to listen to INOJ’s all i want powered by Fiio E6 amp with my sister because it’s her favorite right now.

  6. I’d love to hear my uber favorite band Incubus’ A Kiss To Send Us Off on my iPod powered by the FiiO E6 amp! Drumsssssssssss!!!

  7. Normally, I’d say that I’d like to hear Last Night of the World from Miss Saigon. My iPod Touch doesn’t have the built-in oomph to give justice to the song, so the E6 is absolutely necessary. At this point, though, I’d like to hear my voice recording of me proposing to my girlfriend (true story, I’ll be using it as one of the steps).

  8. I love playing “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO in my iPod using FiiO E6 amp! Everyday I’m shufflin’!

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