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Unbox Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts For Gamers

It’s December, and hopefully by now most of you already have your 13th month bonus burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to spend all of that dinero, fear not as we have a couple of things in mind that you can spend your cash on.

To kick off our 2016 holiday gift guide, we’re giving you a few gift ideas for the gamer in your life. And don’t worry – we have cool gift ideas for both console and PC gamers.


NVIDIA GTX 1060 and GTX 1050 video cards

Let’s not mince words here – NVIDIA has been crushing it lately with all of their Pascal-powered releases. And while we all aspire to buy high-end GTX 1080s, not everybody is willing to drop 40 grand or more on just one video card. The GTX 1060 is a good compromise between power and price – and while we’re more partial to the insane ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1060 that we reviewed a few months ago, most of you would be better served with a slightly less expensive version. Prices for the GTX 1060 go as low as Php 9500 for the 3GB versions and we’ve seen 6GB packing GTX 1060 variants go as low as Php 12,000 in online shops locally.


If your budget is limited and you’re willing to settle with medium settings on full HD, you can always go for the newly released GTX 1050. The new budget card is good enough for MOBAs like Overwatch, DoTA and LoL, and is capable of running newer games on medium to high settings, depening on your setup. The new card starts at around Php 5,900.


Nintendo Family Computer and Nintendo Entertainment System Mini

Nothing says nostalgia like the Nintendo Family Computer or for the peeps the grew up in the US, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Earlier this year Nintendo announced modernized, minituarized versions of these iconic home consoles, and both have finally arrived in our shores, thanks to DataBlitz.

And while there are more cheaper alternatives, those consoles may not have the same features and functionality that the two systems provide you. Things like HDMI connectivity as well as savegame capability. Both consoles have 30 games built-in when you buy them, though the NES version has more Westernized titles in English compared to the Japan-centric FAMICOM.

In any case, both are available to buy in DataBlitz now for Php 4,595, though you’ll have to act fast since they sell out pretty quickly. DataBlitz is continually restocking this hot item though, so it pays a little bit to be patient.


Western Digital SSD drives

If you want to remove potential bottlenecks in your PC while gaming, one good place to start is by upgrading your storage to solid state drives. Since SSDs don’t have moving parts, they’re more reliable than regular HDDs, and have faster read/write performance, vital when you don’t want to wait for your game to load. Western Digital’s entry to the SSD game, the WD Blue and WD Green SSD drives are the perfect storage solutions for new and current PC builds. The WD Green is the better value of the two offerings, available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, with sequential read/write times of up to 540MB/s and 405MB/s. If you have a little more cash to spare you may want to go with the WD Blue, which has sequential read/write speeds of 545MB/s and 525MB/s. The WD Green is Php 2,700 for 120GB and Php 4,500 for 240GB, while the WD Blue SSD is is Php 8,250 for 500GB and Php 16,500 for 1TB.


PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro

If you still don’t have a PS4, now is best time to get one. Prices for the console has never been better, and there’s two new versions of the gaming workhouse currently in the market. Both are now available, but the question is what should you get for the gamer in your life?

There’s a big chance that your loved one doesn’t have a 4K TV, which narrows down the choice to the PS4 Slim. It’s smaller, sleeker but works pretty much the same way as the original does. Best part is that it’s only Php 16,995 – well within the grasp of the normal gamer.

Now if you or your significant other has a 4K TV, or are planning to grab the PS VR, than that’s the time when you’d want to drop the Php 22,990 for the PS4 Pro. The Pro version of the PlayStation 4 upscales the textures and graphics of both current and upcoming games for 4K TVs, though compatible games are only starting to rollout now. Our sister site Ungeek.ph has a good overview of both devices here.


ASUS Claymore mechanical keyboard

Nothing feels quite like a mechanical keyboard. Not only does it make typing feel oh so awesome, it’s also one of the best keyboards you can buy for gaming. ASUS’ own Claymore mechanical keyboard may be a wee bit expensive at Php 7,250, but the Taiwanese company loaded it with a bunch of extra stuff to compensate for the slighty higher price. For one it’s built like a tank, with a frame made from aluminum. The lights are customizable, and can be synced to anything that has Aura RGB lighting, lighting that ASUS motherboards and GPUs have.

The Claymore comes equipped with Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches in the number of options, including red, blue and black. Keys pop off easily for cleaning as well. There’s a more expensive version of the keyboard that includes a switchable number pad as well if you need one, though that costs a little bit more, at Php 9,310.

Battlefield 1/Titanfall 2

What’s a gaming PC or gaming console without great games? And if you’re an FPS junkie, you’re probably thinking of getting this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, right? Well, don’t. COD hasn’t been exciting for a couple of years now to be completely honest, and there’s a distinct lack of innovative gameplay from Activision’s signature FPS franchise. EA on the other hand, has been making great strides with two of their newest releases. Battlefield 1 is probably on of the few games that use the Great War as a background for multiplayer mayhem, aside from the serious, cerebral shooter Verdun. It has great graphics and team-based, play-the-objective gameplay makes for entertaining gaming no matter the skill level.


If you’re a fan of twitch FPS games, then you can’t go wrong with Titanfall 2. It feels a little bit like COD to be honest, which isn’t surprising since it’s made by the same people that established the franchise with Infinity Ward. But despite feeling like COD, it’s a totally different experience,  not just because of the multi-ton death robots that’s the main focus of the game, but because of its implementation of fast, smooth gameplay with elements of verticality. Oh, did we mention that it also has a bitchin’ single player campaign as well? Because it has that.

Both games are available for PC, XBOX 360 and PS4. Price varies but you’ll generally get them under 2.7K in the PH, through physical stores like DataBlitz, G2A and through the official Origin Store.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. I went for the nintendo and my bro grab 1 for me since i’m from naga city. Been itchy to get my hands on it. This xmas is truly a happy 1 for an old guy like me.

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