Unboxing the AERIAL7 Tank Mondrian Headphones

Aerial 7 Tank Mondrian Headphones
Aerial 7 Tank Mondrian Headphones

Unboxed: The Aerial 7 Tank Mondrian Headphones

Inspired by the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Modrian, AERIAL7 ambassador Josh Madden directed the creatives for the AERIAL7 Tank Mondrian Headphones. Madden wanted something colorful, bright, fun, and playful and that’s definitely what came out with these cans. If you want funky then this is screaming that! Combine the aesthetics with the world class acoustics and you have a winning product for people who love “artsy” designs.

AERIAL7 recently debuted here in the Philippines and they were actually one of the major sponsors of the “Skate to the Promised Land” board sports event which we covered a few weeks ago. It’s actually the perfect match because I can really see board sports enthusiasts cruising down the streets with the AERIAL7 Tank Mondrian on.

We currently have a review unit with us and we’d like to kick things off by doing the unboxing followed by our full review a week later.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

The AERIAL7 Tank Mondrian comes in a white box with a transparent hard plastic front which showcases the beautiful design of the cans.

Opening the box is quite easy. Just remove the plastic and pop up the box from the bottom.


Just gently lift up the headphones from the box as well as the inner karton. Behind the cans you’ll find a bunch of cables and accessories, namely: black carrying pouch, 1m DJ coiled cable extends easily to 2.5m, 1.2m light weight cable with mic for iPhone®, Blackberry™ & MP3, and a 3.5mm – 6.3mm (1/4″) adapter. Basically you get everything you need, hehe.

Cables in the box

The Tank Mondrian sports swivel ear cups with a spring return for single-sided monitoring (if you’re a DJ). It also has a soft, pliable headband to make long listening sessions more comfortable. The actual ear pads are very soft and won’t cause ear fatigue quickly.

As for the sound signature we haven’t really burned it in as much yet but it definitely has good bass and mids. Looking forward to spending more time with this so we can give a more comprehensive review.

Pricing and Availability

The AERIAL7 Tank Mondrian Headphones is now available for sale in Astro Vision and Astro Plus branches. SRP is Php2,500. FYI this is a good price since this is being sold for $120 USD outside the Philippines. If you want to make a statement with your headphones you might want to check this out!

PS: Review unit loaned to Unbox by My Life on Board

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