Unboxing the AKG K 311 Earphones

Unboxing the AKG K 311 Earphones

AKG K 311 Earphones Unboxed!

The AKG K 311 is one of the best budget-friendly earphones available in the local market. Not only does it look great for the price, it also delivers pretty good sound quality given the price that you’re paying for it. You can only go far with Php799 but this one definitely goes the distance.

The packaging of the AKG K 311 doesn’t look like it’s just worth Php799. The black box gives it a very classy and elegant look and feel. You can open the front flap to see the earphones in two angles: sideways and the back.

AKG K 311 in green (comes in 4 colors)

To open just remove pull the marked strips at the top and at the bottom of the carton. After doing that open the flap again and pull out the second layer to fully reveal what’s inside the box. You’ll find the earphones neatly placed in it with the cable tied with a twistie. Beneath it you’ll find several papers.

What's inside?
Let's take a closer look

The earphones themselves look great! I made the right choice in picking the green color because it’s just fantastic. My only complaint is the flimsy wire but you can’t really have everything with just Php799, hehe. Here are a few more pics of the AKG K 311 out of the box:

Initial Impressions

How good is it? I was honestly surprised when I started listening to my favorite tracks on this with just the iPhone 4 as the source. At Php799 this is already much better compared to the sound quality you get from the default iPod earphones. The mids are much more clearer and the bass is just okay. Don’t get me wrong though — it ain’t music nirvana yet. You’ll have to fork over more cash to get higher ends earphones and cans if you want more pronounced mids, deeper bass, wider soundstage, and clear highs. For Php799 this is already a steal.

Click here for our original feature post about the AKG K 311. It has a list of all the stores which carry the product. 🙂

Our full review coming this week!

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