Unboxing the Audio-Technica M50 Limited Edition Headphones

Audio-Technica M50 Limited Edition Headphones Philippines
Time to unbox this! w00t!

ATH-M50 Limited Edition Unboxed!

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, Audio-Technica launched limited edition models of their most popular headphones. The obvious choice was the ATH-M50, which is considered to be one of the very best in it’s class and price range. The ATH-M50 offers professional grade sound quality while maintaining a stylish and sleek look. Add to that the price and you have a surefire runaway success! The good news is that they’re already available here in the Philippines. Best news is that we have one, bwhaha! 😛

Packaging and Hardware

As you can see from the photo above the box is your usual Audio-Technica packaging. Carton with product print/information as well as transparent plastic to showcase the ear cups of the cans. If you’re familiar with the ATH-M50’s you’ll immediately notice the difference with the Limited Edition model and the previous one — the color. The Limited Edition has white, silver, and light blue versus the previous M50 which was black. This gives it more personality and style which is awesome.

Once you open the top of the box you’ll get this:

A greeting card? Whut?
Thank you card from Audio-Technica

Sweet of Audio-Technica to put a greeting card, lol.

Anyway, to get to the actual cans you have to pull out the inner carton compartment. You’ll find the ATH-M50 Limited Edition comfortably nestled in it’s hard plastic bed.

Audio-Technica M50 Limited Edition Philippines unboxing

I just love the color scheme. It’s the perfect marriage of future technology and the “coolness” of music. Here are a few more photos of the M50s out of the box:

Gorgeous outer face of the ear cups!
Audio-Technica logo proudly displayed at the padded headband
FYI the cans are foldable just in case you need to store them in your bag or cabinet.
Comes with a black pouch

Full Review Coming Soon!

The Audio-Technica M50 Limited Edition Headphones are already available in several Apple Reseller Stores. I saw two units being sold at Power Mac in SM Megamall just the other day so you might want to check it out if you’re in the area. SRP is a little over Php9,800 (can’t remember exact price, will confirm with distributor).

I’ll burn this in for around 50 hours and let you guys know how it performs after with a more comprehensive and full review.

PS: You might want to visit the Audio-Technica Philippines Facebook Page.

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